Global Payroll (Expatriate Payroll)

EMS provides an efficient and accurate solution for delivering and managing all aspects of the often complex global payroll operation. EMS has the ability to deliver multiple payroll payments in different currencies each month to cover various aspects of an individual’s compensation package at both home and host locations. We ensure those payments are delivered accurately and on time. This includes net salaries, wages, benefits, all tax liabilities as required in the jurisdiction, and includes all third party payments such as rental, utilities, expenses etc.

If required, EMS can provide and arrange for tax

technical interviews for assignees prior to and upon repatriation of an assignment and provide all the associated end of year tax information.

EMS clients have access to a secure and simple to use Portal for instant updates and easy reporting; this enables assured delivery of pay statements and good communications throughout your organisation. Your Global Payroll Account Manager and transition team will assist in capturing all requirements to deliver a complete payroll solution right from the start and provide continuing expertise, thereafter.